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How do you pick a coach? Experience, Qualifications  and What Clients Say  are most important. Then it's about chemistry, fit, and how they adapt to the way you work.

It's important to find a coach who's experienced enough to provide insight and advice and who has been employed in a senior role by a variety of organisations, not someone who's only ever been a coach.

Qualifications: in the UK and EU, accreditation (not just membership) from either the Association for Coaching   or the International Coaching Federation  is essential. Accreditation is your guarantee. Whatever other training or creds they may have, without it they are not bound by ethical guidelines and standards. Other coaching organisations allow anyone to join. Would you go to an unaccredited doctor, lawyer or accountant?

Some coaches say they work only for high fliers... others tell us they are the highest paid. For these coaches, it's not about you, it's about them. Marketing and PR may increase their sales (and their fees) but doesn't make them a better coach. Look at who their clients are and what they say to get a better guide. A decent coach will listen, be able to flex and adapt to your needs, while knowing when to challenge you and the way you do things.

It may sound obvious, but your commitment to your own coaching is important. If you decide to get a coach make sure you are prepared to follow through. You will be amazed what you can achieve if you want it; I have so many success stories.


Dr J B

I'm Dr Jack Bailey and I specialise in tailor-made coaching programs for individuals. I work mainly in the following areas: Career development; Becoming more self-confident; Developing leadership skills; Presentations and public speaking; Prioritisation; Developing more influence and gravitas; How to have difficult conversations (and how to avoid the need for them); Performance improvement and appraisals; Re-finding your motivation.

I've worked in senior management (e.g.) as a Director at the BBC, in the Civil Service, at KPMG, AEGIS media, so I understand the pressures at the top.

Scroll down to the chemistry/client photo section below to see who I've worked with and what they say about me.

Data & statistics - client views on working with me






15+ years
Top-level coaching experience
Clients served
Qualified & accredited
Association for Coaching, EMCC, FCIPD, PhD, CSci, BPS


Client testimonials are always helpful.
Tap on the images to see who they are and what they say...

'Your insight and clear understanding of my issues helped me focus' <Br> Chris T, CEO Proximity, now CEO BBDO in the Americas
'Thanks for this afternoon, Jack; it was a really wonderful session and I am still on a bit of a high' <br> Mel H, Chief Marketing Officer, Optus
'You provided highly successful strategic and operational interventions and ideas, with much positive feedback' <br>Morten S, Managing Director, National Asset Management
'Jack has an ability to influence and to help overcome resistance to change. He is persuasive, helping develop and build relationships.  An innovative leader who inspires others.' <br> Shaun McNally CBE, Chief Executive of the Legal Aid Agency
'A very skilled and sensitive coach' <br> Sally MacDonald, Director Museum of Science and Industry
'He has been a great coach, particularly during those challenging and sometimes lonely times when an independent view and wise counsel is of great value' <br> Andrew Grainger, Director of Estates, UCL
'Thank you not just for your business experience, insights and knowledge, but also for your excellent facilitation skills' <Br> Noeleen Heyzer, Under-Secretary-General United Nations
'Jack, I can't thank you enough for what you did supporting me in getting the RACE project off the ground.  I'd recommend you to anyone. Love and peace, Rob' <br> Rob Neil OBE,  Ministry of Justice



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